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Valley Youth House completes Camp Fowler project

Valley Youth House is excited to announce the completion of the camp cabin renovation project at Camp Fowler, valued at over $1.8 million.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, all seven cabins that house the youth and staff attending overnight camps were completely rebuilt over the last two years.

The entire project was made possible through the support and philanthropy of local companies including Kay Builders, Inc., Majestic Realty Co., Commerce Construction Co., L.P., Brooks Development Group, Livengood Excavators, Inc., and many other businesses and individual contributors.

A committee of volunteers led by Rick Koze, owner/president of Kay Builders, Inc., Richard H. Brooks, president of Brooks Development Group, and Eric R. Scheler, vice president of Construction at Watson Land Company began the cabin renovation project with the shared vision of ensuring Camp Fowler would continue to serve youth in our community for the next 100 years.

“My company was proud to help see these cabins built for the good of the children who will come to this amazing place in the many decades to come. This Camp provides a public service for children who otherwise may not have ever had or will have the chance to benefit from all they do here,” Brooks said.

The camp cabins were initially built 80 years ago and had finally exceeded their usable lifespan with uneven and damaged flooring, leaking roofs, rotting wooden siding and no insulation, which caused uncomfortable summer nights and the inability for use during the fall and winter.

Now, at the completion of the project, Camp Fowler has six new sleeping cabins, as well as a two-story cabin with staff offices, sleeping quarters, and a sensory room.

All of the new cabins for campers feature heating, air-conditioning and indoor plumbing, which expands the possibilities for year-round programs.

Additionally, the camp’s basketball courts have been refurbished and an archery range is in the process of being built.

These renovations will not only improve the safety and usefulness of Camp Fowler for Valley Youth House’s clients, but will also benefit the community groups that utilize the camp.