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Santa comes to town

Catasauqua Fire Department held its annual Santa Run Dec. 19, 2021.

During the week before Christmas, family members brought presents to the Catasauqua Fire Department, and volunteers helped Santa deliver the presents.

According to the fire department Facebook page, they made more than 80 stops and delivered more than 170 gifts.

Santa got a ride on one of the firetrucks, with blazing sirens and lights aglow. It is a delight to boys and girls.

The process takes quite some time. It’s around four hours of trooping around Catasauqua, but all agree the experience is fun and rewarding.

PRESS PHOTOS BY PAUL CMIL Matthew Surita receives a gift from Santa Dec. 19, 2021, during Catasauqua Borough's annual Santa Run.
Santa visits with the Kurner family - Jackie and Dan with Alex and Nora.
Marisol Perez, Ethan Danke, Calvin Danke, Artemas Echevarria and Gideon Garcia are excited for Santa's visit.
David and Emily feel the Christmas spirit with Santa.
The Moser family gets gifts from Santa.
Myles and Kortny thank Santa for their gifts.
Santa delivers gifts to the Geiger family - Avery, Ashton and Arlo.
Aron and Attiais Alcalde greet Santa during his travels through the borough.
Gabe and Tanner Sparacella with Anna and Lucas Sell are feeling the Christmas spirit.