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Carnival food on the go

Kempton volunteer firefighter Hayden King directs “carnival” goers to the funnel cake and soda at the drive-through event July 31 outside the fire company social hall. PRESS PHOTOS BY DEBRA PALMIERI
Revolution Twirlers Courtney Ziegler of Kutztown and Alison Ferris of Kempton help Emily Lenhart and baby Reuben German take orders for 'carnival' food from the Kempton Kitchen.
Heather Snyder and Jennifer Kunkel, both of Kempton, were in charge of making the “carnival” funnel cake for the drive-through event.
While the drive-through food 'carnival' was happening at the social hall, volunteer Marvin Ziegler and (right) Kempton Fire Chief Matt Brett put elbow grease into washing a fire truck.
Kempton volunteer firefighter Mitchell Brett cleans the fire, rescue truck outside Station 44 during the drive-through food “carnival.”