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Hanover council adopts noise ordinance

Hanover Township Council approved a noise ordinance during its March 17 meeting. The action is a long-fought effort with residents and business leaders cooperating to stem noise in the township.

The new ordinance imposes rules for policing the township. It restricts levels of noise in residential areas to 57 decibels; in parks and business and institutional areas to 67 decibels; and in industrial areas to 77 decibels. The approved levels are lower at night.

The township code enforcement personnel will be the first line of defense, and township officials will be supplemented by police when needed.

Eric Miller, manager and owner of Saylor’s Mobile Home Park, 3350 Airport Road, spearheaded the effort for his residents, who have complained of noise during all times of the day and night.

“Residents at the mobile home park are homeowners,” Miller said at a previous meeting. “They want to be treated with respect - and the noise is too much.”

There have been frequent parties and distractions that were reportedly identified as being caused by guests at Days Hotel by Wyndham Allentown Airport, Airport Road.

The ordinance includes violations for extended time spent in the motel parking lot.

“We made accommodations for noise from lawn mowers or similar reasonable violations,” township Solicitor Jackson Eaton said.

The new ordinance adds provisions that concert planners and public venues must secure permits for large events.

Council approved the new ordinance unanimously.

In other business, township Manager Melissa Wehr asked council for a ruling on the use of an industrial commercial zone on Marcon Boulevard. Zoning ordinances allow the use on the property. The applicant, Haun Welding, has an accessory building and an open-air storage shed, which it proposed to use to house compressed gas.

Cindy Witman, with Base Engineering, asked for details on how the owners plan to handle welding storage canisters in the open shed. Witman said the use of welding gases has unique rules that need to be addressed.

A zoning hearing is planned. The zoning officer will address details once the hearing board has reviewed the situation. The township has other locations that serve compressed gas customers.

Council reportedly does not fully agree with the use, citing the compressed gas storage’s proximity to a nearby business.

Meetings for the River Central Multimunicipal Comprehensive Plan are scheduled for 6 p.m. April 8, noon April 9 and 8 a.m. April 14. Each session will present the preliminary plan for the trail and the walking and bicycle recreation areas.

Wehr indicated the township is slated for a county COVID-19 grant of $150,000. She suggested the funds be used for water/sewer infrastructure. Councilman Robert Heimbecker suggested some funds be allotted for workers unemployed in the hospitality industry.

Council will review its options.

Wehr noted real estate developer KRE has canceled a development plan near the St. Luke’s Hospital campus. The developer gave no details.

Above: Residents at Saylor's Mobile Home Park, 3350 Airport Road, asked Hanover Township, Lehigh County, Council to address noise concerns. Council approved an ordinance at the March 17 meeting.
Left: It was reported some guests at the Days Hotel by Wyndham Allentown Airport on Airport Road are the impetus for the complaints. PRESS PHOTOS BY PAUL CMIL