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Borough manager applications accepted through Jan. 22

Lehigh County Commissioner Jeffrey Dutt attended the virtual Macungie Borough Council meeting Jan. 18 to introduce himself. He replaced Nathan Brown and is running for the seat in the November election. Dutt would like to be a liaison between the borough and county and is available for any borough matters in which the county can assist.

Council members suggested bringing bring back hazardous waste recycling. It is an event in the county held every even year.

The Cotton Street bridge has a cement wall that has crumbled. A new wall is needed and will add $500 to the project. This additional charge was approved by council.

Main Street Commons is near completion and security funds were released. A temporary coating will be added to the driveway before further construction occurs.

There was a meeting Jan. 6 with Stone Hill Meadows personnel. A new engineer was on hand for Stone Hill and progress was made about water problems.

Sgt. Travis Kocher presented his yearly report for the Macungie Police Department. Ammunition costs have doubled.

Statistics were provided to council. Mileage was less than 2019. CPR certification has become difficult to get due to COVID-19. There are less outreach programs due to social distancing. The one increase in crime were acts of aggression.

A representative from Financial Solutions presented information about a new bond for the borough. The new bond will be obtained through New Tripoli Bank at a 2.36 percent interest rate and have a period of eight years for repayment. This bond is needed for the sewer project and will pay off the current bond. The information gathered was from neighboring boroughs of similar size and population.

The Macungie Fire Department was given an award and was featured on a Channel 6 News broadcast. The broadcast featured a video of the Heather Glenn fire.

The borough manager search application process ends Jan. 22.

One of Macungie’s trucks known as truck #3 needs a large repair. It is estimated it will cost between $15,000-21,000 to repair the truck which is 18 years old. It is estimated a new truck will cost $83,000. The truck will go through diagnostic testing before a decision is made.

This repair or possible replacement of this truck began a discussion about setting aside money when a new piece of equipment is purchased. Plans should be made immediately upon purchase of new equipment.

Interim Borough Manager Chris Boehm suggested applying for a COVID-19 block grant for wages for employees who could not work and a donation to the fire department for $10,000. It was approved with two council members voting no.

Macungie police have been instructed by the FBI to have extra staffing in the borough during the day of inauguration, Jan. 20.

A resolution was approved for the 2021 fee schedule.

The purchasing threshold was discussed. As of now, the amount will be $1,000. Anything over this amount should be brought to council’s attention.

A discussion was held over the need to change the place of work in situations such as COVID-19. The mayor is the one who has the ability to do this and has the final decision.