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‘Disaster!’ strikes high school drama club

PRESS PHOTOS BY BERNADETTE SUKLEY Alana Almeida, as Shirley, and Elijah Kinzel, as Maury, sing “You're Still the One” in the spring musical “Disaster!” presented March 2-5 at the high school.
Alana Almeida, as Shirley, taps Morse Code to communicate with trapped passengers in Northwestern Lehigh High School Drama Club's spring musical “Disaster!”
Passengers aboard the ill-fated ship, Barracuda, gang up on cheapskate owner, Tony Delvecchio, played by senior Declan O'Connor.
As if things weren't bad enough, Jackie Noelle, played by Megan Holman, sees rats on passenger Ben Smith, portrayed Chloe Schoemaker.
Survivors Mackenzie Madeira as Marianne, Elijah Johri as Chad, Declan O'Connor as Tony, Aine Demko as Sister Mary Downey, Tessa DeJesus as Levora Verona, Megan Holman as Jackie, John Meltsch as Ted, Elijah Kinzel as Maury, and Chole Schoemaker as Lisa, sing “Hooked on a Feeling” in the spring musical “Disaster!” at Northwestern Lehigh High School.
Mackenzie Madeira, Elijah Johri, Megan Holman, Alana Almeida and John Meltsch are all smiles after a successful performance.
Aine Demko as Sister Mary Downey, plays her guitar for the surviving passengers to find a lost dog aboard the ship, Barracuda.
Elijah Johri as Chad Rubik sings “Can't Live” after meeting the only women he's ever loved.