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Troop 93 serves up dinner

Boy Scout Troop 93 held a spaghetti and meatballs dinner fundraiser Nov. 5 in the social hall at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ, 105 E. 19th St., Northampton. The event benefited Troop 93.

Scoutmaster Steve Bindics said he was delighted with the turnout and increased volunteer assistance at the dinner. He noted the troop has grown recently from 15 to 20 Scouts, many of whom, along with some Scout parents, helped with the dinner by cooking or serving food.

A fixture at these Troop 93 dinners is Al Czanker, of Northampton, who occupies the role of dinner ticket sales manager. He usually has a humorous quip as he discharges his duties. He greeted members of the Najera family, of Northampton, which includes Troop 93 Scout Isaiah, mom Michelle, dad Alex and sister Bianca, as they arrived to support the effort.

The kitchen was filled with busy volunteers as they labored to serve guests. The spaghetti dinner also featured garlic bread, a garden salad and vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and refreshments. Assistant Scoutmaster Eddie Miller ran the ice cream distribution table, with the assistance of Scouts Luke Bingamin, Aidan Kraus and Nathan Pany.

The dinner, beyond raising funds for the troop and feeding attendees, was a tutorial to the Scouts on teamwork, customer service and goal attainment. There may not be a spaghetti dinner merit badge, but the lessons learned by the Scouts at the dinner will help shape their future success.

To join Troop 93, call the church at 610-261-2910 or email stpaulsnorth@gmail.com.

PRESS PHOTOS BY BILL LEINER JR. Ticket taker Al Czanker, of Northampton, greets members of the Najera family, also of Northampton, as they arrive for a Nov. 5 spaghetti dinner fundraiser at St. Paul's United Church of Christ, 105 E. 19th St., Northampton, sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 93.
Kitchen volunteers prepare the dinner, which benefits Troop 93.
Assistant Scoutmaster Eddie Miller serves ice cream, assisted by Scouts Luke Bingamin, Aiden Kraus and Nathan Pany, during the dinner.