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Welcome back, Tigers

Northwestern Elementary Principal Maria Pulli, welcomes back twins, Colt and Gabe Kahora, who will attend second grade.
Music teacher Shawn Fies strums his ukulele for siblings Owen Huffort, a kindergartner, and Kylee Matthews in fifth grade.
PRESS PHOTOS BY BERNADETTE SUKLEY Alivia Boyle, first grader, walks her brother Edwin Boyle to kindergarten.
Kyle Grim, physical education teacher, welcomes Sawyer Snyder to his first day of first grade.
Northwestern Elementary students (and siblings), Lillian Bernard, James Baer, TJ and Ty Crone, Graham Peters, Zadie Mae Fogal, Ian and Evelyn Alboucq, Layla Seither, Asa and Aria Hermany are ready for the first day back to school.
Northwestern Elementary School won the festive back to school celebration display through a school spirit contest on the Sign Gypsies LV Facebook page.