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Snow removal concerns raised

During the Feb. 16 virtual Macungie Borough Council meeting, snow removal was a topic of discussion. Residents complained about the method of snow removal. Main Street (Route 100) has not been cleared of snow. The reason why other roads have been cleared first is due to the width of the roads. Church Street is narrow so it was one of the first having snow removal due to its narrow width.

The public works department has been quite busy with all of this snow. One person within the department has been out due to an injury as well as another person was out for a death in the family.

Sgt. Travis Kocher said some of his officers could help public works as some know how to operate the necessary equipment.

It was also suggested residents can assist by getting their cars off the road so the road can be plowed closer to the curb. Also snowblowers should not be aimed for the street. The snowblower should be aimed at a resident’s property.

A resident complimented Selma Ritter, the borough’s administrative assistant and Chris Boehm, the interim borough manager for handling the borough’s affairs with great skill and ease.

There are four open board positions. Residents interested in a position should email the borough. Candidates will be voted on the first week of April. The positions include civil service commission, 6-year term; Macungie Institute Board of Trustees, 3-year term; planning commission, 4-year term and zoning hearing board, 5-year term. All positions are voluntary.

A resident is requesting Oak Alley be vacated. The alley actually divides his property. Solicitor Patrick Armstrong described the steps to do this. All property owners need to be in agreement (there is no other property owner involved), an ordinance needs to be created and advertised and a public hearing held. The resident pays for the cost of doing so, which due to the nature of this should be minimal.

Some residents requested a waiver on water and refuse fees as they are no longer living here. The waiver was denied since the borough did not know the residents were not there.

Truck #3, the mini dump truck, is being repaired for $6,300. It did not go through the testing as was mentioned but it is certain the repairs to be done will extend the life of the truck.

It was announced East Penn Restaurant week is Feb. 28 through March 6.

Ashley Lorah and Jessica O’Donnnell from the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce spoke about the benefits of membership in the Chamber of Commerce. They said the chamber has assisted Macungie is various ways. From grants to many other benefits, membership would help with borough development. The cost of the annual membership is $400. Council will consider this as the budget is reviewed to determine where to obtain the funds.

Two Eagle Scouts were recognized – Adam Goldstein had 10 picnic tables stained and finished for Macungie Memorial Park and Nicholas Luey refurbished a portion of the Sheeprock trail.

A change order was approved for the Streetscape Phase IV in the amount of $7,500. This is for the dusk to dawn timers which were installed in the streetlights.

There was an executive session held regarding a new borough manager.

The walls at Mountain Creek are still being checked to see if they are on someone’s property. This is being discussed with the solicitor and Barry Isett & Associates.

A resident was extended a benefit for certain vets for tax exemption. Since the tax was already paid, a refund is being submitted.