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People say

By Dana Grubb

How many years have you been riding in Tucker’s Toy Run and why do you do it?

“Four years. It's a great cause and we generally go out for each cause. Tomorrow we have a veterans event.” Dave DelGrosso Towamensing Township
“First run ever. I bought my bike in July. Jim Derr told me it's the biggest ride, so I thought, why not.” Johnny Gajdos Whitehall Township
“Seven years. It's the love that people show and the way that they show it. It's the connection that people have as riders.” Rob Robles Laury's Station
“This is my first year riding in Tucker's Toy Run. I've always been involved and never rode. I love how everybody comes together and the unity of bikers and riders.” Sue Santiago Northampton
“At least six years. It makes me feel good to contribute to the children and the hospital.” Anne Grimshaw Northampton
“It's my first year. I've watched the last four years as a spectator. I work in health care and I like to help the kids.” Auria Enright Bath