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Lehigh County 4-H Livestock Club weaves shawl

Lehigh County 4-H Livestock Club members wove a shawl that sold for $1,700, with proceeds donated to two programs that aid in food security for children.

The funds were raised by the club while engaging in the 4-H slogan, “Learn by Doing.”

Working together, the members designed, created and completed a woven wool shawl while learning about the process of weaving wool harvested from sheep.

The group voted on the colors they wanted to use and designed a pattern for the shawl.

Taking turns, the 4-H members worked on the loom to complete the woven garment.

Construction of the shawl was done with the help and guidance of Roger and Nancy Bowman, a sheep farmer and retired 4-H Leader.

The completed shawl was then presented during the Lehigh County 4-H Round-Up Livestock Auction at The Great Allentown Fair on Sept. 3, 2022, to be sold to the highest bidder.

The winning bid of $1,700 was won by a gentleman who wanted to give the shawl to his wife for their 50th anniversary.

This allowed 4-H members to divide the proceeds evenly between No Kid Hungry/Share our Strength, and the Children’s Weekender Program by Christ’s Church at Lowhill Food Pantry.

Jonas Geiger, treasurer of the Lehigh County 4-H Livestock Club, commented.

“It is interesting how our club, by learning how to weave a shawl, was able to help the Lowhill Food Pantry take care of kids in the area,” Geiger said. “It was a fun thing to learn, and I am happy our 4-H Club could help.”

For more information about 4-H activities, contact Lehigh’s 4-H office at 610-391-9840 or LehighExt@psu.edu.

PRESS PHOTOS COURTESY PENN STATE EXTENSION Lehigh County 4-H Livestock Club and Rodger and Nancy Bowman with the completed woven wool shawl.
4-H Club members learn about what is included in the Children's Weekender Snack Box and how it helps their community.
Jonas Geiger, treasurer of the Lehigh County 4-H Livestock Club, and club members present an $850 check to Marci Reinert, director, and Beverly Kistler, coordinator of the Children's Weekender Program, at Christ's Church at Lowhill Food Pantry.