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Mama’s Musings - Dense

When I was growing up, my adoptive mom often called me “dense.” It wasn’t a compliment. My intelligence is above average, but my social intelligence is still a bit lacking, and was very much so in those years. That was the “density” she was referring to.

Recently, I had my first mammogram. At the time I was told it was not unusual to have to return for a second time, as there was nothing to compare the results to. Instead, I received a message that I needed to schedule not only a second mammogram, but also an ultrasound.

This made me nervous. I scheduled the tests for very early in the morning on a day off. If the results were good, I would have the rest of the day to enjoy. If the results were bad, at least I would not have to go to work right after.

The second mammogram was quicker than the first, since it was only for one breast. Then there was a short wait, and I was sent for the ultrasound. I tried to look at the ultrasound pictures, but I simply did not know what I was looking for. More waiting.

Then the doctor came in with a companion. My stomach dropped, because I thought two people to deliver a diagnosis meant bad news.

Happily, I was wrong. The doctor explained my breast was healthy, but the tissue was very dense. Go figure, mom was at least partly right!

I will likely need an ultrasound along with future mammograms. I can deal with that. And I must compliment the staff at LVHN Hecktown-Oaks for their warmth and professionalism.

I am feeling a little happier, knowing my little ta-tas are okay, though a little dense.