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Happy 106th!

Fellowship Community resident Agnes Chabak, formerly of Catasauqua, celebrated her 106th birthday Jan. 10 with family, friends and staff of the Whitehall assisted living facility.

She was happy and bright-eyed during the gathering and looked forward to a slice of birthday cake.

Fellowship Community CEO Mary Kay McMahon was on hand for the party. McMahon served as greeter and helped Agnes hear what her guests were saying.

Agnes attributed her longevity to clean living.

“I never smoked, and I don’t drink alcohol,” she said.

She said she basically ate a plant-based diet throughout her life.

Researchers endorse the elements of what Agnes did all her life for health and longevity. Recently, they are also discovering routines may be more important to achieving super-longevity. Habits such as a plant-based diet, no smoking and no alcohol could be less important than a life guided by routine.

Researchers studying longevity predict, by the end of the 21st century, there will be a person who makes it to 130 years old. The number of centenarians continues to increase and is reportedly now approaching 500,000 worldwide.

Whatever the reasons for reaching 106, Agnes figured it out, which afforded her the enjoyment of a birthday party in her honor at Fellowship Community.

PRESS PHOTO BY BILL LEINER JR. Fellowship Community resident Agnes Chabak celebrates her 106th birthday Jan. 10.