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People say

By Dana Grubb

What was your reaction to the life-threatening football injury suffered by Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin?

“It was a horrible thing to see. It raised a lot of questions about safety in pro football. That hit to the chest was unique.” John Tunney Allentown
“That's an exception to the rule, but it still brings you back to the reality that it's a violent game.” Harry Dudeck Palmer Township
“Really sad, hopeful for some level of recovery, and very pleased with the current news.” Bill Lawler Allentown
“When you think of the number of tackles made in a year, you realize that it's a freak accident.” Tom Ackerman Belvidere, NJ
“I'm a Bills fan, and when he almost died I thought, how is the NFL going to handle this. It's nice that he's survived it.” Gerald Welsted Owego, NY
“I hope he's okay. We were watching as a family and our kids were pulling for him as well.” Dan Fallon Phillipsburg, NJ