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SHS names student of the week

Q. In what grade are you currently enrolled?

A. I am in 12th grade at Salisbury High School.

Q. Who is in your family? Please provide the first names of your family members: parents, siblings and pets.

A. I have six siblings, Ben, Alex, Jon, Dan, Liz and Matthew. My parents are Vivian and Tim. We also have the cutest puppy named Pixie.

Q. What is your favorite subject? Why?

A. My favorite subject is history because I love the stories of what different people have experienced.

Q. Have you received any special awards or recognition?

A. Since COVID-19, school doesn’t do end of the year award ceremonies but in middle school I was awarded Best Citizenship. It was given to the only one student who showed the best citizenship.

Q. Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

A. Yes, I do swimming and cross-country as well as literary club and sewing for charity.

Q. What is your next goal after high school?

A. The big goal is travel as an English teacher in other countries but the smaller goal is college in Prague.

Q. What do you consider your biggest challenge to date?

A. I think the biggest challenge so far is finding time for everything. A time for work, fun, school work and sports.

Q. For what would you like to be remembered?

A. I don’t care how I’m remembered. In the long run, how I’m remembered in high school doesn’t matter. I would hope people see me as someone they can come to without judgment.

Q. Whom do you admire? Why?

A. I admire Mrs. Saliby. She always tries her best to make a safe space for all Salisbury students. She made the library a place for everyone and is always understanding.

Q. Do you have any advice for your peers?

A. Don’t be afraid to try an activity you haven’t. I didn’t start cross-country until senior year and it was really fun. I would have loved to do it more than one year.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Katherine Updegrove