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Suveys say ...

A statewide survey of Pennsylvania registered voters conducted in August 2022 by Public Opinion Strategies for the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) found:

• 85 percent of respondents trust local newspapers in print and online, which is higher than other news media. For more information, turn to PNA President Brad Simpson’sop-ed that is part of the PNA National Newspaper Week package.

• 92 percent favor, including 64 percent strongly, current state law requiring public notices to be published in print newspapers.

• 92 percent favor, including 64 percent strongly, expanding the state Right-to-Know Law, which provides citizens the right of access to public records.

• 87 percent say, including 45 percent strongly, that local newspapers help keep people connected to their community.

• 68 percent of the Pennsylvanians surveyed say local newspapers are an important source for news during times of crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Pennsylvania’s Newspaper Industry Makes a Significant Impact’’ report released last year by PNA shows:

• In 2020 the statewide economic impact of the Pennsylvania newspaper industry was $1.3 billion.

• In 2020 the combined impact of charitable giving and volunteerism from the Pennsylvania newspaper industry totaled $6.4 million, which is in addition to the $1.3 billion annual economic impact.

Federal legislation:

• PNA supports the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act, or JCPA, which would allow news publishers to collectively negotiate with Big Tech for fair compensation for use of their content. For more information, see Trib Total Media President and CEO Jennifer Bertetto’s op-ed on the JCPA included in the PNA National Newspaper Week packet. Visit the News/Media Alliance Safe Harbor Center.

• PNA also supports the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, or LJSA, which would provide a series of tax credits for news consumers, news organizations and local newspaper and broadcast advertisers. Visit the News/Media Alliance to learn more.

Shopping is an emotional experience. Finding that perfect pair of shoes, trendy new restaurant or quality home contractor is exciting for the consumer.

Knowing that your advertising message appears in a quality publication and will be seen by potential purchasers is exciting for the retailer.

Pennsylvania newspapers provide both audiences with what you need most.

Pennsylvania newspapers engage readers and

excite consumers.

Newspapers are a quality platform for

advertising messages.

• 82 percent of news media consumers trust print ads.

• Nearly 7 in 10 Pennsylvania adults read a newspaper each week.

• Newspapers are rated as the top news source that operates in an ethical manner and has the public’s best interest in mind.

• Newspapers engage consumers of all ages.

• Generation Z: Nearly 7 in 10 Pennsylvania adults, ages 18 to 24, read a newspaper each week.

• Millennials: Three-quarters of Pennsylvania adults, ages 25 to 39, read a newspaper each week.

• Generation X: Three-quarters of Pennsylvania adults, ages 40 to 54, read a newspaper each week.

• Baby Boomers: 8 in 10 Pennsylvania adults, over age 55, read a newspaper each week.

Newspapers produce results.

• Consumers identify newspapers as their No. 1 source of local shopping information.

• Advertising in newspapers is rated as ”most useful” to Pennsylvania consumers.

• 8 in 10 (79 percent) of newspaper readers took action as a result of reading a newspaper

ad in the past 30 days.

• 80 percent of consumers say they seek more information about an ad that they find interesting.

• More than 6 in 10 Pennsylvania consumers make a purchase at least monthly as a result of newspaper advertising.

• Newspapers are the most-used source to plan weekly shopping or make purchasing decisions.