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Meet the teacher

Catasauqua Middle School welcomed parents and students to its annual meet the teacher night Sept. 8.

Along with meeting the teachers, students were invited to the multimedia center for the CMS Scholastic book fair, hosted by the school’s newest technology aide, Chrissy Weaver.

The book fair was a popular stop along the way to the classrooms, as posters and book series were up for sale. After looking around, parents and students were allowed to roam the school before stopping at the auditorium for individual grade-level presentations.

Aside from teacher talks, organizations, such as Center for Humanistic Change, Valley Youth House and Lehigh Career and Technical Institute, had tables set up in the lobby with information for parents.

CHC also had a mock teen bedroom display, with the purpose of educating parents on places where teens may hide drug paraphernalia and ways drugs and drug use can be disguised.

Before leaving, parents had a chance to set up PowerSchool Access with school office staff Sharon Seritsky and Lisa Muffley, who also provided helpful information such as the school and lunch calendars.

Students were in great spirits as they showed their parents around CMS.

If you were not able to attend but would still like up-to-date information, visit the CMS website at cattysd.org/cms.

PRESS PHOTOS BY CASSANDRA DAYOUB Chrissy Weaver scans a purchase for the Scholastic book fair during Catasauqua Middle School's meet the teacher night Sept. 8. She is the new technology aide for the multimedia center.
Hunter and Madeline Stock, in fifth and sixth grades, respectively, have fun searching for new books at the fair.
CMS office personnel Sharon Seritsky and Lisa Muffley provide back-to-school information to parents.
PRESS PHOTOS BY CASSANDRA DAYOUB A representative from Center for Humanistic Change talks with parents during the Sept. 8 Catasauqua Middle School meet the teacher night.
Jen Staib, a mentor with the CHC, is ready to share information and resources with parents.