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Lehigh County honors Dale Serfass as Unsung Hero


Special to The Press

Dale Serfass of Allentown was among the honorees nominated as Unsung Heroes.

Lehigh County Office of Aging and Adult Services organized its 22nd annual “Tribute to Unsung Heroes” award presentation.

This event honored 17 older Lehigh County residents who displayed exceptional generosity with their time and talents to enhance the lives of others throughout their communities.

In 1965 then President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the older Americans Act., declaring May Older American Month. Lehigh County has celebrated this event annually for 22 years.

The theme for this year’s nominees was “Age My Way.”

Guests were welcomed by Lehigh County Office of Aging and Adult Services Executive Director Clayton Reed Jr.

Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Aging Robert Torres gave the opening remarks.

Both gentlemen presented certificates and citations to each recipient.

According to Serfass’ tribute:

“Phoebe Apartments Management would love to nominate our resident and volunteer Dale Serfass for the 2022 Unsung Hero Award. Dale moved into the community in February 2021 and has been such an amazing and helpful addition to the Phoebe family of volunteers.

“Last winter when we received over 30 inches of snow, Dale had been living at Phoebe Apartments for only a few weeks. He immediately joined our maintenance team in clearing out the parking lots and his neighbors’ cars. This act of service to the community was brought to our attention by Henry, our maintenance man, who commended him for stepping up and helping.

“This responsibility is usually reserved to staff and the maintenance team, but Dale would not take no for an answer, and we have been grateful for his service ever since. Dale assists in different capacities around Phoebe Apartments, from setting up for Worship Service to helping other residents in the community. Dale is not only involved at Phoebe Apartments, but has also been a volunteer at the Allentown Fair for over 50 years!

“Dales exhibits so many qualities that make him an exceptional addition to the Phoebe Apartments family. Three such qualities are: commitment, enthusiasm, and his knowledge and experience. We can always count on Dale to go above and beyond to help, not only the staff, but his fellow residents.

“During our elevator restoration, Dale would walk down the steps to collect the Morning Call deliveries and place them at the corresponding doors. This would usually be done before we even got to the office for the day. Dale is the kind of volunteer that sees a need and fills that void.

“He is a quiet but caring individual. He’s known as the project manager at Phoebe Apartments because he always knows what’s going on and where.

“Dale has impacted this community in ways that I cannot even describe. He is not someone that is out in the forefront, but a silent observer. He finds ways to help the staff and other residents just by standing back and seeing what others need.

“Dale is such a kind and inviting soul that makes others feel at ease. Many of his acts of service to the Phoebe Apartments community have been done without us knowing who was doing it.

“For weeks we would go to set up for programs and the room was already set up. The only reason we found out about our secret helper was because other residents would see Dale doing these things to take some of the load off our shoulders. We are so incredibly grateful for the time and effort Dale has dedicated to not only the Allentown community, but Phoebe as well.

“It is without hesitation or reservation that I nominate Dale Serfass for the 2022 Lehigh County Unsung Hero Award.”

PRESS PHOTO BY JENN RAGO Robert Torres, secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Aging with Dale Serfass May 18 at the Lehigh County Office of Aging and Adult Services 22nd annual “Tribute to Unsung Heroes” award presentation.