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Council makes Willowbrook a state road

During the Nov. 3 Hanover Township, Lehigh County, Council meeting, Solicitor Jackson Eaton provided Chairman Bruce Paulus with documentation from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation formally making Willowbrook Road a state road.

The change from a township road is immediate.

The documentation was presented to Eaton by Larry Shifflet, deputy secretary for planning with PennDOT. In more official terms, it noted the approval of changing township Route T-611, Willowbrook Road, from Station 0+00 to Station 33+39.

Eaton discussed the problems council had with Rockefeller Group and Lehigh Valley Planning Commission. The township had concessions with Rockefeller Group to provide optional office projects for future commercial space.

The township changed the roadway to the state status because the initial costs were expected to be more than the maintenance revenues. The township was defeated in its quest for more access to Route 22.

The township is now making changes to finalize Race Street and to access ramps on Route 22.

In other news, Hanover has made changes to the Han-Le-Co Volunteer Fire Department personnel handbook. The changes allow firefighters to deal with administrator functions effectively. Candy Dannenhower and John Wechsler are the primary contacts for the township.

Council introduced Troy Ruth as part of the code enforcement team.

Also at the meeting, Paulus approved a budget transfer in regard to the 2022 budget process. The final budget meeting is normally held the last business day of December.

Hanover approved reducing the Rockefeller Group Lehigh- Northampton Airport Authority property improvement phase one from $175,467.26 to $134,019.85. A similar reduction at phase two of the project was approved. The changes reduced the credit to $320,784.84.

Township Manager Melissa A. Wehr was approved to contribute funds to the D&L Trail.