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Stingrays swim team defeats Northampton

The Bethlehem Stingrays remained undefeated in the Suburban Swim League after defeating Northampton 472-106 last Thursday night at Bethlehem Memorial Pool.

Despite the rain, the Stingrays and the Kids swam on through 60 full events.

“I thought it was going to thunder, and we were going to cancel it early on,” said Bethlehem Stingray Andrew Bays. “The blocks have a gripping surface on the top, so they’re not that slippery.”

Bethlehem’s first place boys finishers against Northampton were 100 free relay: Liam Powers, Logan Lech, Jacen Estrella, Theo Collins (1:47.06); 50 free: David Gabrielle (29.37), Addison Collins (24.62); 100 medley relay: Owen Story, Pablo Dayan, Hunter Story, Blake Peterson (1:55.04), Leo Negron, Brogan Perreault, Everett Collins, Mario Negron (1:15.39); 200 medley relay: Danny Lehr, Malcolm Collins, David Gabrielle, Trevor Lenig (2:03.60); 25 breast: Theo Collins (34.31); 50 breast: Andrew Bays (46.58), Andre Negron (35.01), Patrick Gilhool (31.76); 100 IM: Everrett Collins (1:32.45), Andre Negron (1:16.47), Lehr (1:09.35); 25 fly: Tommy McClarin (32.84), Dayan (30.06); 50 fly: Everrett Collins (39.60), Gabrielle (32.94), Gilhool (26.68); 50 back: Bays (42.10), Gabrielle (37.94), Addison Collins (30.80); 25 free: McClarin (22.62); 50 free: Bays (34.19); 100 free: Andre Negron (1:06.47), McGuire (1:01.78); crescendo relay: McClarin, Owen Story, Bays, Andre Negron, Lehr (2:14.41).

“My favorite’s backstroke,” said Bays, who swims in the age 11-12 events. “[For speed], kicking is a lot, stroking is a lot, you also have to worry about bumping into lane lines since you’re on your back and you can’t really see as much, but it’s a lot of kicking.”

Bethlehem’s first place girls finishers against Northampton were 100 free relay: Le Le Waldman, Sophia Heiserman, Lydia Sperandio, Aly Yerk (1:42.04); 50 free: Nat Brezinsky (29.29), Samantha Taylor (29.61); 100 medley relay: Liliana Fink, Alina Scott, Bella Heiserman, Keira Darcy (1:39.99), Elizabeth McClarin, Leah Onia, Audrey Bloss-Ferry, Lindsey Heiserman (1:11.69); 200 medley relay: Sydney Taylor, Sarah Park, Monica Bruno, Brezinsky (2:22.13); 25 breaststroke: Waldman (31.62); Alina Scott (29.45); 50 breast: Bloss-Ferry (46.47), Katie Bruno (41.12), Brooke Sergent (39.08); 100 IM: Onia (1:23.55), Katie Bruno (1:25.13), Talia Lehr (1:18.93); 25 butterfly: Yerk (22.65), Heiserman (22.63); 50 fly: Bloss-Ferry (37.21), Brezinsky (34.28), Sammy Taylor (32.90); 25 backstroke: Yerk (21.63); 50 Back: McClarin (42.38), Lilah McClarin (39.24), Sergent (35.95); 25 freestyle: Yerk (17.72), Heiserman (18.25); 50 free: Onia (33.32); 100 free: Brezinsky (1:06.84), Lehr (1:09.09); crescendo relay: Waldman, Onia, Park, Lilah McClarin, Heiserman (2:18.87).

“I did pretty well in breaststroke today,” said Laney Stewart, who placed second, missing first place by just .31 seconds in the 11-12 age group. “It’s hard because you can’t really sprint in it. You just have to be good at it. With freestyle you can decide: I’m gonna’ move my arms faster. I’m gonna’ move my legs faster.”

Laney’s younger sister Daisy also swims in the 11-12 age group.

“I would say I’m better at freestyle or backstroke,” Daisy said. “Mostly, there’s a lot of girls on our team that we’re friends with, and it’s really fun. Fridays we wake up really early, we have practice at 7, and then we go on the slides and have fun.”

The Bethlehem Stingrays’ next home meet is scheduled for July 12 against Soleco.

Press photo by Katie McDonald Michael Kounoupois swims in the 100 free against Northampton in a recent meet.