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Construction materials testing OK’d


Special to The Press

The Parkland School Board recently approved a proposal from Barry Isett and Associates for construction materials testing services during Phase 2 of the Schnecksville Elementary School building and renovation project.

Director of Community Relations and Development Nicole McGalla explained to The Press what is involved in construction materials testing.

She said Barry Isett and Associates will review the placement and compaction of the structural pile, the earthwork and the foundation subgrade.

The company will test the soil and aggregates.

The concrete and reinforcing steel, the structural joins, metal decking and masonry construction will be reviewed and tested.

“They will provide daily field and compressive strength reports and will check for floor flatness and levelness,” McGalla said.

The fee for Barry Isett’s services is estimated at $38,091.

“Everything for schools is very regulated,” McGalla added.

Sometimes, a problem arises which can slow construction and add a great amount to the cost.

Three years ago during construction of Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Upper Macungie, an application of 18 inches of stone was needed on the site to stabilize the soil.

This came with an unforeseen cost of $623,133.

Phase 1 of the Schnecksville project covered various improvements and renovation of the existing portion of the school, except for the original 1926 section which will be removed.

Work is now ongoing in Phase 2 which includes eight new classrooms, a new main office and entrance, adjacent interior renovations, site improvements, and partial building demolition.

Bids for Phase 2 came in at $12.2 million.

When the entire undertaking was reviewed by the board in 2019, total cost, including both phases, was estimated at $23.2 million.

The new classroom wing should be ready for use at the start of school in September 2022.