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Board discusses transfer station


Special to The Press

In addition to reorganization, Lynn supervisors discussed the future of the township transfer station during their Jan. 4 meeting.

Supervisor Steve Feinour said the township continues to go “in the red” by operating the transfer station.

Secretary/Treasurer Tammy White said the township was $8,748 in the hole last year, and had also spent an extra $5,088 in dumpster repairs at the facility for a total of $13,836.

Feinour added the township was not seeing an increase in usage and if the township wanted to keep the transfer station open, improvements would need to be made, including paving.

Supervisor Brian Dietrich asked about the possibility of Lynn residents traveling to the Waste Management facility in Weisenberg Township to deposit their refuse.

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Kathy Hermany confirmed Lynn residents were able to dispose of recyclables at the Waste Management facility at any time for no charge, but could not drop off household trash as they were not residents of that municipality.

Dietrich approved of the option. He said having residents drive to Weisenberg to dispose of recyclables for free was more beneficial, as Lynn charges for refuse services.

He also said if recyclable services are eliminated, Lynn Township would only have to deal with trash collection, for a certain price, and providing a place to dump scrap metal.

Both Chairman Justin Smith and Feinour said several locations in the township offer to collect scrap metal.

Roadmaster Bruce Raber asked the cost-effectiveness of having the public works crew dispose of scrap metal, noting township vehicles have had numerous flat tires traveling to and from the scrap yard.

“We haul that scrap metal. You got to figure the wear and tear, two or three guys to load up,” Raber said. “It’s losing ... we’re losing money.”

Feinour inquired about the agreement between Weisenberg and Waste Management.

He wanted to know what the company would charge Lynn Township to serve the 31 residents which currently use the township’s trash services.

Smith said they should speak with Waste Management about guidelines for recycling and trash services so if or when the township decides to close the transfer station, a ready-to-go solution is available for residents.

Feinour suggested contacting the other two trash collecting companies - Harold Adams Refuse Removal and Berger’s Sanitation Services - which serve Lynn Township to get firm prices for residential trash pickup charges.

Feinour added he was not in favor of picking a single trash hauler for the township.

In the meantime, the board agreed additional work would need to be completed at the transfer station to clean up the facility, and trail cameras would likely be installed to monitor the area.

In other business, Solicitor Marc Fisher asked the board to accept a deed of dedication for three parcels of land owned by the Operation Address the Homeless, contingent upon passing of a clear title to the township.

The board accepted the proposal.

Supervisors also approved a motion to have the township make a $7,500 donation to the organization, contingent upon the township receiving the deed of dedication.

The next supervisors’ meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Feb. 11.