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Walking trail grant expected


Special to The Press

Members of the Northwestern Recreation Commission gathered at the community park on Sept. 30.

There were no facilities requests, however an informal one was received by Chairman Justin Smith, representing Lynn Township.

He said if no one is using the fields, the people making the request are welcome to use them since it is a community park.

The exceptions are using the area for a fundraiser or if the Northwestern Youth Athletic Association or a previous requesting group are scheduled.

The board reported insurance check has been received for the replacement of the boiler.

Maintenance man Jim Hughes said a fine is expected to be announced for the people who stole signs at the fields but the amount is unknown.

The two will be expected to pay the reward which is offered by the recreation commission and they should appear before the board.

Hughes said he has started putting up bollards for the walking trail and infield mix has been purchased.

He said a French drain would resolve a spot where water settles.

“Maybe the Northwestern Youth Athletic Association will help,” Hughes suggested.

Weisenberg representative Linda Gorgas said there is one more question to be answered before the grant is received for the walking trail.

Brian Carl, administrator for Weisenberg and Lowhill townships, will provide the information and send an invoice to the recreation commission when the grant is received.

The volleyball winch has been oiled and October pruning is finished.

The 2021 Night in the Country is scheduled for Aug. 21, 2021. Fields will be closed the week before that date.

Dusk to dawn lights are considered unnecessary and will no longer be on for that time.

The bathrooms are closed for the winter.

Hughes said they are frequently left dirty and asked about the possibility of putting a portable pottie in the area across from the pavilion.

Smith said they are not too expensive and will be considered and also the NYAA will be asked to participate.

The one in the concession stand is also left dirty and lights are left on.

The October recreation commission meeting has been canceled. There is generally not a December meeting.

The November meeting is tentatively set for Nov. 26 but the location is undetermined.

A new season begins Jan. 26, 2021.