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Q & A ... with Becahi’s Peter Varghese

Peter Varghese will be attending Penn State University Park and majoring in criminology

1. Now that the news of the spring season being over has had time to sink in, what are your thoughts or emotions about not being able to play your senior year?

“It’s disappointing to not get to play any games as a senior. As a team we all put a lot of work into the preseason, like many other teams. Everyone worked really hard from the players to the coaching staff and hopefully the team can continue to grow next year.”

2. What were you looking forward to the most this season?

“I think a lot of seniors were looking forward to getting to play one last time as a team before we move onto college.”

3. What activity did you find yourself doing the most during quarantine?

“Just doing stuff around the house and getting outside to stay active.”

4. What do you miss most about normal life?

“Getting to go out with friends.”

5. If you had the choice to be stuck at home with any teammate(s) during this quarantine, who would they be and why?

“Many of my fellow senior teammates, Aidan Mesure, Nico Pepe, Nick Pavelcze and Luke Wladyslawski. We all have been friends on and off the field and were looking forward to this season.”

6. Can you name your favorite movie, show or series you’ve watched over the past month?

“I’ve been bingeing Brooklyn 99.”

7. What’s the worst part about being stuck at home?

“Not getting to hang out with friends and family especially over the Easter season.”

8. What’s the first thing you wanted to do once this quarantine is over?

“Go get some food and see a movie.”

9. Can you tell your favorite sports story about yourself, your team or your teammates over the years?

“Although our record may not have been the best, we were always able to rally together as a team when we needed it.”

10. What lesson(s) have you learned throughout this whole process?

“To be thankful for your health and to enjoy the moments that you have.”