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Larry Miller set to release book

The unquestioned best basketball player in Catasauqua history and perhaps the Lehigh Valley has his book ready for press.

“A lot of the stuff that happened to me is now proprietary with the book ready to be released,” Larry Miller said in an exclusive interview with the Press. “Most important for me is that this isn’t all about Larry Miller, it’s about how things were in the area and the impact those things had on me.”

Everything Miller wanted to say is in the book.

“I have had a great editor in Northampton and a publicist in North Carolina. I want this to be a successful book, not only for me but for all the hard work they put into it,” he said.

The buildup has been great, local newspapers carried a bit of a primer on his high school and college years. The original planned release date was July 4.

“The book is written, but they are going over the details again to make sure things are correct. It’s a good read, I think anyone who reads it will be happy with it,” Miller said.

Miller’s numbers are legendary. No one scored better in high school, and his talents at North Carolina are noteworthy and top the charts. Miller’s time at North Carolina (1964 to 1968) was a two-point game. There were no three pointers and no shot clocks.

His pro career was in the American Basketball Association (ABA), a time before the great marketing consolidation that produced multimillion dollar contracts.

“The whole book started right here in my backyard. That’s when we sat down at the table and started to put it together,” he said.

Miller lives in his comfortable abode behind a property that he rents out. His neighbor gets excited when strangers come in and take a parking space to talk with the affable Miller.

“I can probably live anywhere, but I like it here. It isn’t anything like it was in high school, but I feel comfortable here. I have longtime friends. I was able to reconnect with people,” Miller said.

The promo blitz will start in earnest once the book is released.

“I have about 100 copies reserved for my friends. I think they will like it,” he said.

It’s sure to be an amazing story for those who lived through those star-powered years where Catasauqua High School was pulling off feats noteworthy of “Hoosiers” driven by the appeal of this one-of-a-kind player.