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Terrace baking contest satisfies many a sweet tooth

Residents of The Terrace at Phoebe, Allentown, were in for a sweet treat Nov. 15 as the senior living facility, in conjunction with Cura Hospitality, hosted its third annual pie-baking contest.

A variety of delicious pies, baked by Terrace residents and staff, including a butterscotch meringue pie and a variety of apple and peanut butter pies, filled a table in the lobby.

There was also an exhibition round of pastries baked by the chefs of Cura Hospitality, which handles dining services at the Terrace.

The judges - Cura Hospitality District Manager Jim Crossin, Terrace Manager Molly Driscoll, and Community Relations and Grants Specialist Donna Schudel - selected the top three baked goods based on categories including appearance, crust structure and taste. Audience members also had the chance to sample the different pies and showed their approval of all the bakers with numerous rounds of applause.

Terrace Community Life Coordinator Daniella Bruno, one of the primary organizers of the baking contest, placed third with her Fireball Apple Pie.

Terrace Sales Coordinator Vicki Kocis’ peanut butter pie came in second place, and in first place was Terrace Sales and Admissions Associate Quinn Kolbe, who baked a plateful of mini apple pies.

“This is the first time I’ve gotten to judge on desserts,” Crossin said, after the tastings. “They are all very good, and this was a lot of fun.”

Driscoll commented on how the baking contest was a good way for Terrace residents to get to know more about each other and to share a positive experience, especially with the upcoming Thanksgiving and holiday seasons.

“Baking, getting together to talk about and taste old family recipes, is all very important and very special for this event,” Driscoll said.

“I’m glad we get to share all this together.”

The baking contest was a part of what Cura Hospitality Manager of Public Relations Grace Zarnas-Hoyer calls the “living life” philosophy, which focuses on offering a variety of activities and events which enhance wellness and build a sense of community.

She said getting residents out of their rooms and interacting with one another on a personal level, and providing them with innovative, new experiences, improves their quality of life and makes their stay at the Terrace more enjoyable.

Contest attendees certainly seemed to enjoy spending the afternoon get-together with their neighbors and staff members watching the contest, but at the end of the day digging into the baked goods and satisfying their own sweet tooth was just as exciting.

“I love pie,” Bill Albright, a Terrace resident, said as he perused the tables of desserts.

“Pie is my favorite dessert, and these all look delicious.”

PRESS PHOTOS BY SARIT LASCHINSKYA selection of pies, baked by Cura Hospitality chefs for the exhibition round, was on display during the Nov. 15 pie-baking contest at The Terrace at Phoebe, Allentown.