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Security system update approved

Lowhill Township supervisors explained at their Nov. 7 meeting that the new security system will have two more cameras added to what they originally planned.

They will have an additional one by Secretary Jill Seymour’s office and another one outside of the building.

They will be purchasing six cameras, along with other security features, such as monitors for Seymour to watch as she works.

The security system would be installed by Alert Security Systems LLC at a total cost of $3, 995.

Supervisors’ Chairman Richard Hughes made a motion to accept this security proposal and move forward with installation.

Supervisor Robb Werley seconded the motion.

At the start of the meeting, Werley noted a change for the Oct. 3 board meeting minutes.

The sixth paragraph of the minutes should be phrased as items “discussed” instead of items “decided” on.

That change was addressed, so Vice Chairman Buddy Wessner made a motion to approve the minutes. Werley seconded that motion.

Administrator Brian Carl told supervisors he checked the Integrity Auto property and the business was in compliance.

He did notice bumper stops have not been placed at the parking spaces. The amount of cars appeared to be in compliance he assured.

Next, Carl discussed several issues along Corporate Court. Carl said the litter issue has been addressed and all patients have been told smoking is only allowed on the buildings property of the Allentown Comprehensive Treatment Center.

They have been cleaning up any litter and will be having janitors and others check if there is litter from now on.

Carl also said the clinic will have a security guard working to keep patients smoking only on treatment center property.

Roadmaster Joe Kalusky gave his report saying in October the road crew Tiger mowed, mowed grass, weed whacked, did some tree clean up from the rain-storms and helped Heidelberg Township for four days with paving that municipality’s roads.