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Students channel Jay and Daisy during class Gatsby-style party

Megan McDonald and Jacob Sacco displayed the style and swagger of the 1920s when they dressed up to simulate the era for what has become an annual ritual for their English class.

“Everybody dressed up, and we listened to the music of the ’20s,” said McDonald, whose silver and gold sequined dress sparkled with every step she took.

Before the party, students researched topics from prohibition to World War I society, including “the role of automobiles in the early 20th century, flapper culture and the changing role of women after the passage of the 19th amendment,” said English teacher Linda Paist, who sponsored the activity.

Then they read the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, “The Great Gatsby.”

“The students really get into the novel [and] the characters become real to them,” Paist explained.

Students “signed up to bring finger foods and fizzy drinks,” said Paist, who describes the activity as “an immersive experience.”

“I have plastic Champagne glasses they can use, hats and feather boas they can borrow to wear, and props for selfies.”

“Fun” was the only word Sacco used to describe the party.

“The cover of the novel makes sense to them by the end,” Paist said.

PRESS PHOTO BY ANNA GILGOFFJacob Sacco and Megan McDonald display the style and swagger of the 1920s to simulate the era during a recent party in their English class at Northwestern.