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Lynn organizes zoning, SALDO

A special meeting was called Sept. 5 by Lynn supervisors to review the zoning and subdivision and land development ordinances, which are being codified, and to make needed changes and corrections .

Industrial performance standards have to be updated. Township Manager Kevin Deppe told the board he never used the noise section of the ordinance. A baseline measurement is necessary and the township does not have the equipment to measure decibels.

Supervisor Brian Dietrich said the issue could wait until it becomes an issue.

Engineer Roy Stewart said parking and loading requirements should come under uses and definitions.

There was discussion about how many copies of a plan are needed.

At one time it was 15 but now is down to seven. Only four copies are needed for a preliminary plan.

Smith suggested the number of plans should be the same for major and minor subdivisions.

Three copies and the mylar get signed with any extras trashed, Deppe said.

SALDO design standards are a conflict with the driveway ordinance. A reference to the driveway ordinance will remain with the standards deleted.

Act 167 has to be added to the storm drainage requirements for Jordan and Maiden creeks. It will be referred to in the SALDO but remain a stand-alone.

Lynn will collect recreation fees when a lot is used for building, not when the new lot is subdivided from a large lot.

Stewart said the entire section of the ordinance needs to be rewritten.

Supervisors asked whether regulations, affecting trees, woodland disturbance and logging in the Blue Mountain Conservation District refer to that area or to the entire township.

Stewart also said plans are not being recorded. Consequently, the land remains on the tax assessment roles as a single plot and not the number of lots into which it was divided.