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Baum scholarships awarded

The Baum School of Art has awarded full, half and quarter scholarships to nearly 60 students from age five through 17 during the closing reception of their “Children and Teen Student Exhibition” in the David E. Rodale and Rodale Family Galleries.

Executive director Shannon Fugate emceed the event, where event sponsors Mike and Wendy Stout of Stout Associates, LLC presented certificates to the enthusiastic scholarship recipients. Full tuition scholarships were given to art students through the Allentown Neighborhood Arts Program.

Half-tuition scholarships for one course went to those receiving Meritorious awards, while honorable mention recipients received quarter-tuition scholarships for art classes held at the Baum School.

Baum art teachers nominate two students from each class, according to instructor Keith Garubba, who noted, “The students we have chosen are great artists. Also, I chose on the basis of who is helping on building a culture of a strong art classroom.”

Other Baum instructors who nominated their students for the April 2 scholarship event were Rosemary Geseck, Nikki Obertubbesing, Katlyn Baer, Jennifer Nahan-Gidley, Thomas Unger, Sean Delonas, Sarah Mueller, Sherry Devine, Ashley Christman, and Samantha Warick.

Drawing and painting, ceramics, sculpture, exploring art, graphic design, Manga, comics and cartoons, digital animation, fashion design, sewing, and portfolio prep were among the award categories.

Meritorious awards were presented to: Katie Dawe, Elizabeth Tanenbaum, Paige Appleby, Megumi Takahashi, Hannah Leayman, Blake Sohaney, Danica Dollenger, Alex Landry, Carlee Bernd, Rene Byrd, Thomas Bartko, Luke Zhang, Nina Zhang, Maya Hidalgo-Schnaars, Jada Yeh, Oona Brayshaw, Shaniah Ford, Elysa Lacerda, Lily Salari, Sophia Piech, Evan Mori, and Ian Reese.

Honorable mention recipients were: Parker Herman, Lindsey Ott, Madilyn Lennert, Emma Albright, Katie Twiggar, Eric Jin, Kara Santiago, Archer Kennedy, Tia Zeng, and Lina Morade.

An additional full-tuition scholarship was awarded to: Iyana Martin, with half-tuition awards going to: Tanaysha Torres, Emaleigh Kramer, Caitlin O’Brien, and Jessica O’Neill.

The Allentown Neighborhood Arts Program provided full-tuition certificates to: Sean Bonilla, Gloria Baez, Caylin Castro, Derek Songer, Cristal Rosario Romero, Alduin Rosario Fernandez, Michelle Bofill, Amanda Pena, Duong Tieu, Stephen Jodun, Esteban Garay, Isaac Horner, Serenity Gonzalez, Gia Santiago, Adrianna Candelario, Nyeasia Lomax, Naw Willion, Erick Litardo, Naydeline Ortiz, Joshua Cuevas, Analise Garcia, and Yovian Torres.

The “Children and Teen Student Exhibition” was sponsored by Stoudt Associates, LLC. and BB&T. The scholarships are funded through private donations.

PRESS PHOTO BY ED COURRIERAfter receiving their award certificates, Baum School of Art students took to the stairway inside the school to provide family and friends with a photo opportunity. Copyright - &Copy; Ed Courrier