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Making memories at the EHS Senior Ball

Emmaus High School students made memories May 5 at the Senior Ball at The Palace Center, 623 Hanover Ave., Allentown. LEFT: Dominic Zientara, Haley Schantenbach, Sophia Iacobelli, Estella Sassani, Demi Kirkopoulos, Nicole Armstrong, Natalie Hummell, Olivia Barone, Alexa Makoul, Brett Heier, Chelsea Franks, Maggie Machulsky and Brayden Erker attend the Emmaus Senior Ball May 5. Additional photos appear on Page A7. PRESS PHOTO BY SHARON SCHRANTZ
Jaiden Garcia, Jovian Moore, Natalie Turek and Jason Rodriguez are set for a night of dinner and dancing at The Palace Center May 5.
Messorial Cooper accompanies Morgan Gittenn to The Palace Center for the Emmaus High School Senior Ball.
Erin Trayer and Ryan Merlo are in for an evening of food and fun at the Senior Ball.
PRESS PHOTOS BY SHARON SCHRANTZ Aniba Ashgjar and Zamman Qureshi arrive at The Palace Center for a fun night of dancing.
Katelyn Smoyer and Ryan Noulrice are ready for the Senior Ball May 5.
Luke Blackwell, Anthony Bodenstrin and Enzo Johnson are ready to enjoy their night at the Senior Ball.
Addison Paalik and Olivia Baversox wear their finest to the Senior Ball May 5.
�Put goodness out there,� Salisbury mom says