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Garden club gives presentation to South Whitehall Twp seniors


Special to The Press

South Whitehall’s senior social group met for the first time in December 2022 at the South Whitehall Township Building.

Now, the future of the group is in question.

Josh Macnamara was the recreation specialist in charge. He, however, has accepted a new full-time position with Lower Merion as their recreation program coordinator.

The person in charge in South Whitehall is now Lynn Matula from the Parks and Recreation Department.

The last program on March 9 was on gardening presented by Parkland Garden Club members Evelyn Broad, and Mary and Megan Stanley.

They explained how to make a water garden in a jar and how to plant in a teacup with a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Everyone received a glass jar into which colored marbles or small stones were added.

Then, garden club members gave everyone green plants to add, as well as St. Patty’s Day decorations and green ribbon for decoration.

And, those in attendance also received a teacup into which they added some soil and planted succulents such as a ghost plant or a burro plant.

Wire and ties were given out to hold the plants in place.

PRESS PHOTOS BY MICHAEL HIRSCH Patty Frantz, guest attendee, Lynn Matula from South Whitehall parks and recreation, and Evelyn Broad, Parkland Garden Club member, attended the presentation to the senior group.
Mary and Megan Stanley from the Parkland Garden Club show teacups and saucers they brought for the senior group to use for their plantings.
Evelyn Broad from the Parkland Garden Club shows the senior group how to arrange the ribbon to decorate the planting in a glass jar.