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GTH explores the paranormal

The George Taylor House, Lehigh and Poplar streets, Catasauqua, hosted a Harvest and Haunts event Oct. 29.

The historic house, built in 1768, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1971. Over the years, a number of people have reported experiencing paranormal occurrences, which made the house an ideal spot for a Halloween event.

This year’s Night of Haunts featured Scott Porter of “Ghost Asylum,” “Haunted Towns” and “Haunted Live,” as well as Stephanie Burker, a psychic medium of “Kindred Spirits,” who investigated the house. There were two time slots for people to sign up and join Porter and Burker, which were reportedly sold out.

Brian Hansen and Megan Bisignaro of Interstate Paranormal Research provided visitors a video upon entry to the tour that demonstrated paranormal activities found at the house. IPR has been investigating the George Taylor House paranormal activity for some time.

Hansen and Bisignaro demonstrated how the devices such as a cat ball and a wrath chaser work. They noted paranormal contact was common. Volunteers said abnormal things occurred most recently during September 2022.

The harvest was in full bloom with volunteers and GTH Association members dressed in 18th-century attire. Board member Rick Guth played the role of George Taylor. Tours were conducted during the day in the mansion by GTH committee members and volunteers.

Porridge, apple pie and other baked goods were offered for free. Helen Schaller and Sheila and Robert Martin staffed the summer house. They said the hearth in the summer house “was not used in 80 years until today.” Chicken potpie porridge was being cooked over a fire in the fireplace.

Candace Maxwell and Darcy Goldberg dressed in period garb, with Goldberg made up as a ghost that was reportedly seen outside the house on the surrounding grounds.

Ryan Strawn, representing the 1776 Northampton County Militia, was present with his musket as he posed before a fireplace in a room that has experienced reported paranormal activity.

In the mansion’s dining room, volunteers Christina Roca and Brinley Trone talked about the mysterious alleged happenings at the house.

Catasauqua resident Katie Wikander, a registered nurse and former history teacher, staffed the tour ticket table. Wikander is a new volunteer at the mansion and is very interested in the history of the house.

The Harvest and Haunts event included shopping at vendor tents, free refreshments and light foods, a historical overlay of seeing the home of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, numerous stories about this site and a chance to learn about, or even experience, a possible brush with the other side.

PRESS PHOTOS BY BILL LEINER JR. Helen Schaller and Sheila and Robert Martin operate a hearth in the summer house during a Harvest and Haunts event Oct. 29 at the George Taylor House, Lehigh and Poplar streets, Catasauqua.
Brinley Trone and Christina Roca talk about experiences they've had.
Ryan Strawn represents the 1776 Northampton County Militia at the event.