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Mama’s Musings - Surprise!

I was not expecting my skin condition to lead to gallbladder surgery. In retrospect, it’s not so surprising. Years ago, my adoptive mother’s tongue started swelling. She couldn’t really speak clearly. At first she wanted to ignore it. Finally I told her if she didn’t get help I would throw her in my trunk and take her myself. That convinced her to see a doctor. Surprise! It was gallstones.

In my case, it’s one, teeny tiny gallstone. Unfortunately, it is as active as I am. And when it moves, it causes problems.

So when my dermatologist canceled my appointment because the doctor wasn’t in, I trooped off to urgent care. It turned out to be a good idea. I was given a prescription for steroid cream for my skin, and an order for a blood test. My first message about the blood test was that my CBC was good. Yay! Unfortunately, this was followed by a message that my CMP showed.

Kidney and liver issues. So off to the doctor I went. In the meantime, I had one episode of severe pain on my right side. But I was at work, and very busy. So I waited it out, and eventually it passed. But when the doctor saw me, I was having a bit of right side pain. He sent me for an ultrasound. And that found the gallstone. And a kidney cyst. The kidney cyst is being observed for a while. But when I explained to the doctor that the pain happens after I eat, he said the gallstone was likely moving around and that was what caused the pain. Great, I have a dancing gallstone. He put in a referral for surgery.

My advice? Don’t get your ultrasound on a Friday. My doctor was available, but I am still waiting on the call from the surgeon, and expect to be waiting another day or two.

I am a little nervous. The single time I have had surgery was for my wisdom teeth.

I looked at the risk factors for gallstones. I will be making a few slight changes to my diet (bye bye sausage and frozen pizza). But it seems like my biggest risk factors are that I am female, over 40, and Hispanic on my father’s side, all things I cannot change. So basically, being me is my risk factor! That’s just funny.