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Car lovers crowd park

In a festival-like atmosphere with oldies music playing in the background, vendor tents set up for browsing, food and refreshments and dozens of cars shined up and cared for to perfection by their owners, the seventh annual car show sponsored by the Northampton Area School District Student Council could only be described as a roaring engine of success.

Cars from 1930 to 2020 graced Bicentennial Park in East Allen Township for the July 30 event. A large crowd of attendees and folks proud of their well-maintained, shiny classic cars were present to enjoy a stroll on the grounds in the beautiful weather.

Jerry Yost, of Coplay, an owner of a number of classic, well-kept cars, had his 1950s vintage white Cadillac he calls Mr. Fins. Yost is a dedicated car enthusiast who places his treasures in various shows. He said he is particularly fond of this NASD event.

Jean Doll entered her 1977 Ford Maverick in the car show. She was excited at the ambience of the event and delighted to present her shiny, bright red beauty to attendees and peers.

Bill Hall was proud to show off his 1962 white Chevrolet Corvette. His 60-year-old vintage vehicle was sparkling in the morning sun.

Nate Horwith and his passenger Shannon Jacobs looked like they just drove off a 1950s movie set in a pristine 1950s Ford Sunliner.

The Sunliner series, manufactured by Ford during the 1950s, was to compete with the Chevrolet Bel Air and the Plymouth Belvedere. The series, before federally mandated seat belts, offered a lifeguard safety package including seat belts, a padded dashboard, safety lock doors, a deep-dish steering wheel and a breakaway rearview mirror. The lifeguard package was, reportedly, a slow seller.

Henry Van Horn entered a 2013 Chevrolet Camaro on which he skillfully incorporated horror film characters. Van Horn noted he lost a daughter in 2021 and they had gone to many horror movies together.

“She is with me whenever I am with this car,” Van Horn said.

The event’s sponsor list included 58 total sponsors.

A number of vendor setups contributed to the festival-like show. Karen Kirst, a Mary Kay senior regional director, and Mary Kay salesperson Andrea Leibensberger offered their business’ wares. Visit marykay.com for more information.

John Conway, of East Stroudsburg, was selling his handmade wood products. He uses reclaimed American wood to make his interesting products, mostly with an American flag theme. For more information, visit rawlimited.com or visit his Facebook page.

Lisa Woykowski had a Pure Romance vendor site, selling a variety of skin care and personal care products. Pure Romance is a source of relationship enhancement, beauty care products and more. Visit pureromance.com for more information.

As the park filled with vintage, well-kept cars, one had a chance to experience and look back to many years of automotive history.

It is interesting to note nearly all of the cars at the show run without computer chips. In 2022, all cars run with computer chips, and because of the worldwide chip shortage, many car dealers have a reduced number of new cars for sale.

There was, however, no shortage of cars at the NASD car show.

PRESS PHOTOS BY BILL LEINER JR. Shannon Jacobs and Nate Horwith show off a 1950s Ford Sunliner at the Northampton Area School District Student Council car show, held July 30 at Bicentennial Park.
Bill Hall stands by his 1962 Chevy Corvette at the East Allen Township event.
Jean Doll displays her 1977 Ford Maverick.