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Gallery View: ‘Wheel of Prints’ at Rotunda

“Pri(nt)sm: A Color Wheel of Prints” transforms the circular Rotunda Gallery into a life-size color wheel.

The Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley exhibition, created through a variety of processes, progresses from red through purple.

Lithographs, silkscreen, monotype, linoleum prints, marble graphs, collagraphs, TetraPak drypoint and mixed media are among the 53 works in styles from the literal to abstract.

According to exhibit organizer Jodie Scharadin, the exhibit title combines “print,” representing the Printmakers Society, with “prism,” representing “all the colors of the rainbow.”

Participating artists include Keith Garubba, Erin Gill, Nick Roberts, Carolyn Spivak, Melissa Strawser, Dee Collins, Pat Delluva, Deborah Hamburger, Stacy Newman Kandel, Claire Marcus, Lucy Gans, Maryann Riker, Evan Summer and Scharadin.

The Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley, founded in 2013, includes 40 artists with an interest in printmaking as an art.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission.

“Pri(nt)sm: A Color Wheel of Prints,” through June 24, Bethlehem Town Hall Rotunda Gallery, City Hall, 10 E. Church St., Bethlehem. Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday, Closed weekends and holidays.

Information: www.bfac-lv.org ; www.printmakerssocietylv.com

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PRESS PHOTO BY ED COURRIER From left, seated, Nick Roberts, Erin Gill, Carolyn Spivak, and standing, Maryann Riker, Jodie Scharadin, Claire Marcus and Pat Delluva, Printmakers Society of the Lehigh Valley exhibition, Bethlehem Town Hall Rotunda Gallery.