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Board says virtual meetings

By Susan Bryant


Lowhill Township supervisors had a short agenda during their June 3 virtual meeting.

Although it was the last item on the agenda, it may be of the most interest.

Supervisors discussed whether to reopen the meeting room for in-person meetings.

After much discussion, supervisors decided board meetings will continue virtually for residents.

After the meeting was called to order, the first thing on the agenda after the board approved the May 6 minutes and the monthly bills was the review and final approval of the minor subdivision plan for Ryan and Sarah Haplin of Orefield.

The board approved the final subdivision plan for the Halpins with the condition they add the addresses of the properties on the plan, and they obtain written confirmation from Lehigh County Farmland and Preservation.

Next was Engineer Ryan Christman’s report regarding the Bear Road Bridge replacement project.

Christman said the township received seven construction bids for the project and recommended the board approve Ken Rauch Excavating Inc., of Montrose, Susquehanna County, with a base bid of $280,645 and $6,000 for rock excavation and line painting.

The board approved Christman’s recommendation.

“The structure for the project should be in late August at the earliest,” Christman said. Hoping that holds true. That is the time line.

“We can get the contractor there in August and he can start demoing in the meantime and be ready for the structure.”

Administrator Brian Carl, giving his administrator report, said the township is in the process of applying for government COVID-19 relief funds.

“We are allocated $245,239.96,” he said. “It sounds like the way it works we are getting 50 percent of that this year and the other 50 percent next year.

“We can use it for cleaning supplies, PPE, ambulance and fire department, stormwater. We don’t get public water and sewer, so that is not an expense for us.”

Carl said the township again listed the dump truck for sale on Municibid, an online auction marketplace for government agencies.

The high bid was for $2,500 from the same bidder from the previous listing.

After much discussion, the board decide to hold onto the dump truck until August or September and then list it again if the high bidder from last month does not come through again this month.

Roadmaster Joe Kalusky stated in his report the road crew installed a drop box and pipes on Orchard Road, drain pile on both Farrier and Orchard roads and needs to take down trees at Bear Road Bridge.

Under old business, the board held a short discussion on the status of the oil water separator, salt shed and furnace replacement.

The first agenda item under new business was the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission addressing the board.

Carl stated originally the commission was planning to come speak with the board, but they backed off that idea at this time.

The next item under new business was the auditor’s report.

According to Jill Seymour, secretary, the 2020 audit submitted by Bob Martin met the state standards.

“The procedural changes that are in place are working and there are no issues with the audit,” Seymour stated.

The next supervisors‘ meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. July 1.