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Friends help kids in need



MacKenna Butz, 9, and her brother Mason, 6, and their friends recently participated in the community yard sale in Trexler Fields, Breinigsville, to help other kids in need.

“MacKenna and Mason have quite a group of friends who all live near each other on Monarch Lane,” Kathy Heckman, Mackenna and Mason’s grandmother told The Press. The kids play together all the time.

“Last summer, they were constantly outside riding their bikes, so they were dubbed the “Monarch Lane Bike Crew.”

Heckman said the kids knew there was going to be a yard sale and they wanted to do something.

“So, they announced to their parents they wanted to have a lemonade stand and sell candy and snacks,” Heckman said. “They wanted all the proceeds to buy toys for kids who need them.

“Then they got very busy making signs.”

Heckman said her grandchildren told their dad that he needed to build a stand from which to sell the lemonade.

“The parents worked together making this happen,” Heckman said. “The kids did amazing with their charity lemonade stand. They raised $387.”

Heckman said one man who lives in their neighborhood and who owns his own company made a $500 donation.

“My brother told the kids he would match what they made,” Heckman said. “He made a donation of $400 to their cause.

“We are so proud of their efforts and their willingness to do something for others.”

Vicki Butz, Mackenna and Mason’s mother, discussed the youngsters’ participation in the community yard sale.

“My husband, Jonathan, actually built the lemonade stand,” Butz said. “And he hung all the decorations on it. That was his contribution.”

One of the moms, Thalita Taylor, made fresh lemonade.

“Squeezed the lemons herself,” Butz said. “Other moms contributed cookies, snacks, plates and cups.”

Butz said the kids have not yet determined their charity but know they want to shop for toys and donate them all to kids in need.

“They raised $1,300,” she said. “I just love the bond this group of kids has.

“And the fact they came up with this idea all on their own.

“They really are all best friends. They work well and play well together. We are all so proud of them.”

PRESS PHOTO COURTESY KATHY HECKMAN Kyle, Jasmin, Joy, Ruhob, Santi, Maria, MacKenna, Josh and Jacob sold lemonade May 15 at the community yard sale in Trexler Fields, Breinigsville. Mason Butz who was unavailable for the photo was also very involved in the fundraiser.