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Emmaus Lions Club holds clam chowder sale

PRESS PHOTOS BY C. RICHARD CHARTRAND The Emmaus Lions Club held its Pennsylvania Dutch Clam Chowder sale April 24 at Emmaus Community Park. ABOVE: Dr. David Hay stirs the caldron as Tom Mack looks on.
After the caldrons are emptied, they are then filled. Rick Snyder and Don Kaufman work on filling the containers.
As they empty the caldron of the last batch of chowder, the cleaning crew steps in with Marty Lang with the paddle, Dennis Varec with the water and Vince Tranguch, who collects the last of the chowder.
Packing are Kathy Hay, John Burianek with Carl Wieder and Dennis Butz in the back pouring the fresh chowder into quart containers.
Steve Silfies gives the money for his purchase to Dennis Dubney.
Dave Shoemaker walks away with his order. Additional photos appear on Page A13.
PRESS PHOTOS BY C. RICHARD CHARTRAND A socially spaced crowd waits patiently in line for clam chowder.