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Bubbles beat the chill

Looking for a better and more creative way to continue to serve patrons due to more restrictive COVID requirements for restaurants, Granny McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub owner Neville Gardner came up with the idea of installing transparent vinyl dining domes alongside his establishment on Walnut Street, according to manager Marla LaFaver. Four have been installed, with each seating up to six patrons. They are warmed by small electric heaters. Erected Dec. 19, they represent one more innovative attempt for restaurants to remain open while offering protection to the winter elements and social distancing among dining patrons.

PRESS PHOTOS BY DANA GRUBB Four dining domes have been installed on Walnut Street next to Granny McCarthy's Red Stag Pub.
LEFT: Enjoying an Irish Cuban sandwich and Guinness and a Patty's burger with a Cosmo, Joe Blume of Bethlehem and Kerry Bassett of Nazareth said the vinyl transparent dining ‘bubble' set up alongside Granny McCarthy's Red Stag Pub is comfortable, with the heat provided by a small electric space heater.