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Lower Macungie issues proclamation to state police

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated since its publication Oct. 7.

During the Oct. 1 Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners meeting, 15 Pennsylvania State Police officers were honored for their role in an incident Sept. 16.

Two older residents were attacked. The state police responded within minutes, secured the scene and had suspects in custody within 20 minutes of the incident.

Commissioners said it is important residents know and understand the problems, duties and responsibilities which are part of the Pennsylvania State Police. They said the Pennsylvania State Police is one of the best trained, professional and accredited police forces in the nation. They said it is with upmost gratitude for the rapid response, dedicated service and courageous deeds of Troop M, who serve the Lower Macungie Township community.

The following officers were honored for these tasks: Cpl. Chris Yaworski, Cpl. Roy Eiler, Cpl. Jeffery Aiello, Trooper David Trotter, Trooper Anthony Oliveri, Trooper Jason Fallera, Trooper Lauren Bernard, Trooper Mirzet Sadikovic, Trooper Thomas Rummerfield, Trooper Joseph Maletz, Trooper Ahmad Norman, Trooper John McGranah, Trooper Colin Carey and Trooper Harrison Kaye.

Jenn Fleming, a granddaughter of the victims, also spoke about the family’s gratitude. She said the physical harm and emotional injuries are difficult to heal. She also expressed her pride in having the state police as their police force.

Commissioner Ron Beitler spoke about the incident and gave a brief history of the PSP. He quoted Teddy Roosevelt who said “The PSP are a spirited force, not to bought, bent, confused or exhausted.” Beitler himself said “Be safe, be strong, be your fellow trooper’s watchdog ...”

In other business, a subdivision plan for 1935 Willow Lane was presented. According to township documents, Ronald W. and Shannon M. Beitler submitted a subdivision plan for the lot, the prior location of the Willows Restaurant in the Village of East Texas. The total land area of the lot is approximately 2.77 acres. The plan calls for the existing one story house to be subdivided off onto a proposed “Lot 1” 0.6694 acres in size and the remaining land and former restaurant structure and 2-story barn to be left onto a proposed “Lot 2” which is 2.1062 acres. The plan was approved.

A subdivision is proposed for 2035 Mill Creek Road. The present residents of the lot want to subdivide to build another house. There is an issue about access to other residents’ properties. There are also issues over the recreation fee. In a matter of fairness to other developments and subdivisions, it was noted as a concern. Commissioner Maury Robert wanted to add to the resolution to add a recreational fee. The motion was not seconded and not approved. The resolution was approved by a vote of 4-1.

Resolution 2020-30 is for a subdivision at 2740 Riverbend Road which is dividing a lot already established. This subdivision has the same problem as the other plan with the issue of the recreation fee. It also has a problem with the sewer connection which is across the creek. There was an attempt to add the recreational fee to the resolution. The motion was not seconded and not part of the approved resolution.

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry has renewed the certification for workplace safety.

John Parish was appointed to the public safety commission with a term to expire Dec. 31, 2021.

The Macungie Manor project has been tabled presently by the planning commission until a traffic study is completed.

PRESS PHOTO BY SHARON SCHRANTZ The Lower Macungie Board of Commissioners present a proclamation to the Pennsylvania State Police for coming to the aid of two older township residents recently. Pictured are Cpl. Chris Yaworski, Cpl. Jeffrey Aiello and Trooper Jason Fallara. Also pictured are Commissioners Ronald Beitler, Brian Higgins, Ron Beitler and Maury Robert.