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Free movie nights continue in Moore Twp.

Moore Township Recreation Committee, in an attempt to provide fun services to the community and help make beloved childhood memories, is holding free community movie nights Fridays at the recreation center.

The committee had to cancel the 2020 Community Days event but is committed to bringing family-oriented entertainment to the township residents.

Township Manager Nicholas Steiner noted movie night attendance has been good. He said the concession stand is open for snacks and refreshments.

The public works department is seeking to purchase a generator that will keep the police department and township office open during a power outage emergency. The first step is to evaluate and measure the amount of electricity used in the operation of both offices.

The recreation commission reported it is moving forward with developing a pickleball court. There was a thought to install or amend a current volleyball court to accommodate both volleyball and pickleball.

Trapper Road is an ordained road that is half stone and half dirt. It was never paved, and maintenance of the road is limited. The township engineer and solicitor are pursuing Trapper Road history. The goal of the investigation is working toward a decision to move forward to ensure risk management issues associated with an undeveloped ordained road are reduced.

Steiner said the 2021 farm leases are available now for farmers. He noted farmers are currently purchasing seeds, so the earlier they settle leases, the sooner they can plan their 2021 crops and decide whether or not they want to plant winter cover crops.

Moore Township received grant funding for costs associated with personal protective equipment purchased during the pandemic, Steiner said. The amount, although small, was not available at this time.

Another grant from the Northampton County COVID-19 fund in the amount of $23,000 was applied for. This request is not a sure thing. No determination of release of the requested funds has yet occurred.

It is expected the public works director may be hired this fall. To date, there are no internal applicants. External applicants are being considered. Steiner said the township engineer, along with the next public works director, expects to collaborate on a five-year road improvement plan.

Steiner reported the 2020 budget “is in good shape.” Tax collections have held relatively firm during 2020 compared to earlier projections of lower tax revenues. This coupled with postponed expenditures helped keep the budget on track. Steiner said he is confident the township can hold the line on taxes in 2021.

The historical commission approved the purchase of shingles to rework the roof of the historic Edelman School.

It was noted there is ample compost and mulch stock available for purchase at First Regional Compost Authority.

In a final important decision following the adage “save the best for last,” the board of supervisors, certainly to the delight of kids and families, voted to hold trick or treat 6-8 p.m. Oct. 31.

The next Moore Township Board of Supervisors meeting is 7 p.m. Oct. 6. It is not clear if the meeting will be in person or virtual. Check the township website for information.