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PEOPLE SAY by Dana Grubb

The question: How would you rate the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic?

“I think the state is acting appropriately with what they've been given. They have a lot going against them such as testing not being where it should be and the protests too.” Neil Verchot Bethlehem
“I'm all for social distancing. I just think that Governor Wolf should be opening up more businesses across the state and here in the Lehigh Valley.” Linda Emili Bethlehem
“Out of one to 10, I'd say a seven.” Le-Ann Henry Bethlehem
“It's just confusing and it doesn't seem coordinated.” Margrit Haldaman Bath
“I would give the federal government a two and our state government a seven on a one to 10 scale.” Sarina Orta Bethlehem
“The federal government gets a two and Governor Tom Wolf an eight.” Abraham Dee Whitehall