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Veto overridden, commissioners demand electronic budget copy

Lehigh County Commissioners overrode a veto by then County Executive Thomas Muller that sought to undo the requirement that the county provide an electronic copy of Lehigh County’s annual budget Jan. 10.

Before the vote, commissioners listened to Muller explain why he had vetoed the measure.

In a letter dated Dec. 21, 2017, Muller recounted some “facts worth reviewing,” including the delivery of paper copies of the budget to commissioners on the same afternoon following its official release the Thursday before Labor Day. He said that the online version had been released the morning after Labor Day.

Muller’s letter cited staff days off and retirements were contributing factors in the delay of the release of the online version.

Muller’s letter to the board closed with the comment, “It is unfortunate that I am closing out my term in office with a veto, particularly since the administration has met the requirement in recent years voluntarily and would plan to do so in the future, but the use of legislation to address someone’s personal pique is not proper governance.” This was refering to Commissioner Amy Holt, who had pressed for an electronic version of the annual budget.

Muller closed his personal comments to the Board by describing the push for legislation by Holt as, being the result of a commissioner “not getting breakfast in bed.”

Former Commissioner Michael Schware followed Muller to the podium, saying the legislation was not the result of anyone not getting “breakfast in bed.”

Commissioner Brad Osborne expressed regret that “personalities” had been brought into the issue.

The Commissioners then voted 9 – 0 to override the veto.

Whitehall Mayor Edward D. Hozza Jr, nominee for Lehigh County director of administration, summarized his career accomplishments to the county commissioners meeting as the Governance Committee prior to the regular meeting. Hozza was seeking the commissioner’s approval for his proposed position.

The Governance Committee voted 9 – 0 to recommend Hozza’s hiring. The same members meeting as the full Board of Commissioners at the next meeting are expected to approve the administration’s hiring of Hozza for the position.

A non-budgeted hire of a director of information with a salary of over $67,000 by the Lehigh County administration had the commissioners fuming.

Lehigh County Executive Tom Muller explained in an email to Commissioner Amanda Holt how a $1 line item for a Director of Information turned into an over $67,000 funded position.

“Simply stated,” said Muller in the email, “the public information officer position was established by taking a $1 position that was included in the adopted 2018 budget from general services with the rationale that the lack of that position over the past few years has been detrimental to the county’s commitment to transparency and citizen outreach. The balance between the $1 and the actual cost will be covered by shifts in the overall budget.”

President Marty Nothstein summed up the board’s feelings a he addressed Josh Siegel, the administration’s hire for the job: “For sixty-seven thousand dollars I want to see some information. Seriously, I want to see movement of the needle. I want people to talk: ‘Wow, a lot of information is coming out of the county! What a good investment.’”

0511 Whitehall Mayor Edward D. Hozza Jr, nominee for Lehigh County Director of Administration, summarized his career accomplishments to the County Commissioners meeting as the Governance Committee prior to the regular meeting. Hozza is seeking the Lehigh Board of Commissioner's approval for his proposed position.