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Scouting for Cars attracts aficionados to Ontelaunee Park


Special to The Press

Amy Rice was busy instructing her helpers on how to make funnel cakes at Ontelaunee Park and it wasn’t even noon.

Her son Caleb was quick to recite the steps as his mother looked on.

“You take this batter and go in and out in a circle, then flip it and put it on a paper plate,” he said, as the familiar aroma wafted into the air. Deep fried Oreos were next on the menu.

The fried favorites were just one of the attractions at the Scouting for Cars fundraiser presented by Troop 89 and Lynn Township on June 29.

Rice is the committee chairwoman for Pack 588.

“A lot of these boys are headed to camp in few weeks,” she explained. “All the money goes right to the Cub Scouts, so this fundraiser means the world to the Scouts.”

“I’ve never been to camp before,” said Caleb, who was looking forward to the experience.

He likely heard about the fun camp activities from his friend Cooper.

“I like boating and fishing, archery and BB guns,” he said. “This is my third time at summer camp.”

Amy Rice is also looking forward to the camp.

“This year, there are four of us going, and my husband and I are splitting the week so we could all enjoy the experience,” she said.

The funnel cake stand was just one of the offerings at the car show fundraiser for the troop.

The main event were the showstopper vehicles in mint condition that beckoned fans with their shiny chrome and classic lines.

The show featured a wide range of vehicles, some familiar and some not.

One was a rare TVR.

“It’s a British, handmade vehicle by an independent company,” Ruth Ann Gerchufsky explained. “The inventor’s name was Trevor, so they took some of those letters and named this car a TVR.”

“I was looking for one and I stumbled on this one,” said her husband, Ken. “I’ve had this car for 43 years. Now, I have four of them.”

Gery Schappell’s 1940 Ford two-door sedan gave him all the bragging rights he wanted.

“It has everything but cruise control, including AC and four-wheel disc brakes,” he said.

“And, it has an all-Mustang drive train.

“I found it on eBay 15 years ago.

“I drive it all the time.”

Nearly all the collectors have a personal connection with their prized vehicles.

“It’s a piece of art, that’s how I look at it,” said Geno Giunta about his 1968 Dodge Dart.

“When I drive it, I get a lot of thumbs up. I have eight of them. They keep me busy.”

Giunta meets with other car buffs on a regular basis.

“We get together every Monday and help each other out,” he explained. “People like to do different things, but this is my passion.”

Valerie Sturgis and Michael Krauchick Jr. coordinated the event.

“We’ve been doing this since 2019,” Krauchick said. “The township had a car cruise but they were more than happy to turn it over.

“It was my idea to have another fundraiser for the Troop.

“My own son was in the Scouts, and he aged out, but we still wanted to help out.

“It’s fun. It’s what I grew up doing.”

“We do a pre-registration like any other car show, for $10, $15 the day of show,” explained Sturgis. “Carlisle provides many of the door prizes, though a lot of our sponsors are local.

“And all of the proceeds go the Scouts.”

“We love doing it. We love seeing the cars and meeting new people.”

“It’s fun,” agreed their son Joseph Krauchick, as he assessed the profits from the door prizes.

“I like all the cars so it’s hard to choose a favorite.”

PRESS PHOTOS BY ANNA GILGOFF Cooper Olmstead, Axl Lentz, Levi Dixon, Noah Weilage, Caleb Rice, Logan Rice and Talon Lentz enjoy making and eating funnel cakes at the car show. Amy Rice was supervising.
Hamburg resident Gery Schappell described his 1940 Ford two-door sedan as a Creamsicle.
PRESS PHOTOS BY ANNA GILGOFF Valerie Sturgis, Michael Krauchick and their son, Joseph, welcomed visitors to the car show.
Ruth Ann and Ken Gerchufsky were proud to have their TVR at the show. “It's all fiberglass,” Ken Gerchufsky pointed out.
Bill Hankee admired Eric Stefan's Roush Mustang. “I've had it for three years,” Stefan said. “This is my first time at this show.
You could almost eat off the engine of Geno Giunta's 1968 Dodge Dart which he purchased near Shankweiler's Drive In.