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LVIA practices full-scale disaster drill



More than 219 personnel from 40 agencies participated in a full-scale disaster drill at Lehigh Valley International Airport on April 27.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires airports to conduct these exercises once every three years.

Taking part in the event were firefighters, emergency medical services and law enforcement agencies during a simulated emergency scenario involving an aircraft.

Some 70 volunteer role players, wearing makeup to simulate injuries, assisted with the exercise.

“The exercise must achieve FAA standards while providing hands-on training necessary for airport personnel and local emergency organizations to practice and prepare for a mutual aid response in the event of a major aircraft disaster at ABE,” said Thomas R. Stoudt, executive director, Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority, on the airport’s Web page.

PRESS PHOTOS BY SCOTT M. NAGY A Woodlawn Fire Company engine stands ready to serve next to the plane used for the simulated emergency drill at Lehigh Valley International Airport on April 27.
Firefighters assist “passengers” down from the plane during the emergency drill.
This “passenger” is assisted down the stairs by firefighters during the drill.
Firefighters carry an “injured passenger” down from the plane on a stretcher.
“Passengers” sit on the ground outside the plane waiting for medical assistance.