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On May 17, 2023, the Pa. Interscholastic Athletic Association officially sanctioned girls wrestling as a sport, following a unanimous vote in March. All three Bethlehem high schools – Bethlehem Catholic HS, Freedom HS and Liberty HS – fielded varsity teams during the inaugural season. The East Penn Conference, District XI, the Southeast Region, and the state all held championships, and the girls wrestled a full season of dual meets and tournaments. A few girls had competed against boys in youth leagues, most were new to wrestling, and some were new to athletics entirely. With the NCAA planning to hold a national championship in 2026, high school girls wrestling in the Lehigh Valley is proving an important avenue for competitive young women, a spectator sport for fans, and a hot spot for college recruiters looking to fill roster spots. In these articles, we check in on the programs at the three Bethlehem high schools.