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NorCo senior menus

Northampton County (menus, hours, dates subject to change without notice):

Wednesday, April 10: Navy bean soup, breaded veal w/gravy, mashed potatoes, dinner roll w/ margarine, apple pie.

Thursday, April 11: Garden salad w/ French dressing, stuffed cabbage w/ sauce, cheddar mashed potatoes, white cake w/ fudge icing.

Friday, April 12: Broccoli cheese soup, Tater Tot casserole, Scandanavian blend, vegetables, banana.

Monday, April 15: Garden salad w/ creamy Italian dressing, beef stew, biscuit w/ margarine, diced peaches.

Tuesday, April 16: Chicken noodle soup, pot roast beef on Kaiser roll, sour cream cucumber and onion salad, cake and ice cream.

Wednesday, April 17: Beef vegetable soup, fried chicken sandwich w/ lettuce-tomato-mayo, pasta salad, cheesecake w/ strawberry topping.

Thursday, April 18: Cheese steak sandwich w/ onions and sauce, Italian marinated vegetable salad, cherry pie.

Friday, April 19: Hot dog on bun, sauerkraut, potato salad, fresh fruit, cookie.