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Letter to the editor: Dellicker is conservative House option

To the Editor:

Kevin Dellicker is a conservative man of integrity, honesty and life experience. It has been very disappointing to hear political advertisements approved by Ryan Mackenzie that contain totally false accusations against Dellicker.

For instance, while Mackenzie accuses Dellicker of supporting a pension bill in the Pennsylvania legislature as an adviser to Tom Ridge, Dellicker was in Texas serving his country in the National Guard and had nothing to do with the bill. Mackenzie also accuses Dellicker of siding with the Biden administration on aid to Ukraine, but Dellicker has consistently criticized Biden’s position and opposes sending more cash to Ukraine. As far as life experience, while Mackenzie was attending business school, Dellicker was serving his country overseas in Afghanistan. While Mackenzie was beginning, right out of school, his career in politics, Dellicker had started a business with his wife, Susan, that installs and provides Internet access to schools across Pennsylvania.

Susan and Kevin Dellicker have raised three fine sons and are sending them through college. One son presently serves in the Army National Guard.

Dellicker has military experience that Mackenzie can only imagine. Dellicker has served his country, raised a family, started and is running a business, while Mackenzie’s aspirations have been to climb the political ladder.

I know Dellicker personally and have the utmost respect for him and his ability to be a voice in the U.S. House for conservative values based on his family, business and military experience.

Teena Bailey