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Whitehall-Coplay lunch menus

Daily: Meals include fruit and milk choices.

Thursday, April 4: Gockley, Steckel - Macaroni and cheese, dinner roll, baked beans, cauliflower salad; Zephyr, M.S., H.S. - French toast sticks with sausage links or chicken cordon bleu sandwich on a pretzel bun, sweet potato fries, baby carrots

Friday, April 5: Gockley, Steckel - Galaxy cheese pizza, mixed vegetables, baby carrots; Zephyr, M.S., H.S. - Hot and spicy chicken patty on a bun or loaded french fries with pico de gallo, a pretzel stick, seasoned corn

Monday, April 8: Gockley, Steckel - Chicken quesadilla with lettuce and salsa, mixed vegetables, baby carrots; Zephyr, M.S., H.S. - Meatball Parmesan on a garlic sub roll or burrito bowl over brown rice, Mexicali corn, black bean and corn salsa

Tuesday, April 9: Gockley, Steckel - Hamburger/cheeseburger on a bun, Smiley fries, celery with ranch; Zephyr, M.S., H.S. - Dutch waffle with sausage links or chicken tenders with a pretzel stick, glazed carrots, cucumber salad

Wednesday, April 10: Gockley, Steckel - Pancakes, turkey sausage links, steamed peas, broccoli salad; Zephyr, M.S., H.S. - Cheesesteak bar on a roll or buffalo chicken dip with tortilla chips, seasoned potato wedges, celery sticks

Thursday, April 11: Gockley, Steckel - Chicken mashed potato roll, dinner roll, corn, cucumber with dip; Zephyr, M.S., H.S. - Macaroni and cheese with a dinner roll or beef gyro, steamed broccoli, baby carrots

Note from Whitehall-Coplay School District: Last-minute menu changes are occurring frequently and are out of our control due to the nationwide food supply chain issues. Menus may not reflect these changes. Your patience and understanding during this time are appreciated.